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Male Teens’ Body Image : what are your concerns?

15th Sep 2016

A recent survey has shown that young men struggle as much as young women when it comes to body image. The survey of 1,000 secondary-aged students, carried out by Credos on behalf of the Advertising Association, showed that 55% would consider changing their diet to look better. 23% of respondents believed there was such a thing as a 'perfect male body'.

According to this research, over half of young males struggle to discuss concerns with teachers and just under a third when it comes to talking with parents. Respondents said that the pressure to look good comes from social media, advertisers, friends and celebrities.

The BB Gazette would like to hear from BB young people about this - both male and female.

What's the 'perfect body' in your eyes?
Do you exercise regularly, and if so, do you feel pressured to do so?

Advertisers have come under scrutiny for not showing a more diverse range of body shape.

Do you think this is fair?

Is there something the BB should do to help young people who struggle with body image pressures?

Please share your experiences by emailing (Please include first name, age and company and indicate if you are happy for your views to be published. You can also tweet your feedback using @bbgazette and the hashtag #bbvoice

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