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New Statistical Return Process for 2016/17 with OBM

15th Sep 2016

Following the launch of Online Brigade Manager (OBM) earlier in the year, from this session onwards the statistical return process forms part of the functionality of OBM.

This will mean that once the initial set up has been completed, each year you will simply need to ensure the records are up to date and you will no longer need to collect statistical information from the sections in order to complete the return.

Thank you to all those that have already completed the initial set up and inputted the details for young people. If you haven't done this as yet, you are reminded that you will need to add the core information for young people into OBM before being able to submit the statistical return.

Leader details have been transferred automatically from the previous database. The 'Getting Started Guide' attached below which has already been circulated will assist in completing the initial setup.

The statistical return section will be available from 15th October and will be found in the 'Members' menu in the 'Company' section within OBM. Only the Company Captains and/or leaders with access to the 'Company' section will be able to view and/or complete the statistical return.

Steps to take to submit the return:

  1. Check all children and young people currently attending the Company are showing. If not you will need to add the young people to the section they attend before submitting the return.

  2. Any child or young person that has left the Company will need to be removed from the section they were currently attending by completing their reason for leaving.

  3. Check all information is up to date including Company information (meeting times, etc) and leaders details (address, etc).

  4. Check all the required fields are completed. You will not be able to submit the return until this is done.

Once you have submitted the return you will be able to choose a payment method and print the remittance/receipt.

Key dates:

Immediate Core information for children and young people should be added. Check that all leaders are showing in the "Company" section of OBM. If a leader is not showing a Leader Registration form (LREG6) will need to be completed and returned to the Felden Membership Team for processing.

15th October Statistical Return will be available for submitting via OBM.

31st October Deadline for submission with discount.

1st December Deadline for submission and payment.

OBM offers so much more than just the mechanism for submitting the statistical return. It is really encouraging that so many Companies have already embraced the range of functionality available.

Some documents which you may find useful:

• Getting Started Guide

• OBM Functionality Overview

• Fact sheet on OBM Security & Data Protection.

These can be downloaded from

If you require any further support in getting started with OBM please contact the Felden Membership Team on 01442 231 681 option 4 or e mail

In addition to the usual office hours, staff in the Membership Team will be available on extended hours on the following dates to support you with OBM set up or to answer specific questions.

Tuesday 20th September 5pm - 8pm Monday 26th September 5pm - 8pm Saturday 1st October 10am - 12 noon Thursday 6th October 5pm - 8pm Saturday 8th October 10am - 12 noon Tuesday 11th October 5pm - 8pm

Please take advantage of this additional support.

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