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Safeguarding Training and Access NI Checks

26th Jan 2018 by

Children in Northern Ireland has been appointed to deliver a set of safeguarding services to the EA registered voluntary youth work sector up to 31st March 2018.

These include provision of Enhanced Access NI checks for your staff and volunteers, and a range of training courses, detailed below. Please note some churches will not recognise Child Protection training unless it is completed via the Church.

If you have staff/volunteers that require Enhanced Access NI checks, please email or call the office on 02890 401 290 to arrange.

To book places on any of the training courses below please click here.
Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Child Protection Training
23/10/2017 Belfast
24/10/2017 Londonderry
07/11/2017 Omagh
15/11/2017 Ballymena
04/12/2017 Belfast
03/01/2018 Newry
08/01/2018 Belfast
23/01/2018 Dungannon
25/01/2018 Belfast
15/02/2018 Coleraine

Child Protection Refresher Courses
08/11/2017 Belfast
11/12/2017 Dungannon
10/01/2018 Newry
22/01/2018 Belfast
08/02/2018 Coleraine

Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Course
06/11/2017 Dungannon
13/11/2017 Belfast
21/11/2017 Omagh
27/11/2017 Londonderry
06/12/2017 Coleraine
13/12/2017 Belfast
04/01/2018 Ballymena
16/01/2018 Belfast
29/01/2018 Newry
12/02/2018 Belfast

Designated Officer Training

30/11/2017 Belfast
07/12/2017 Dungannon
09/01/2018 Coleraine
10/01/2018 Belfast

Designated Officer Refresher Training
29/11/2017 Belfast
20/12/2017 Dungannon
31/01/2018 Belfast
12/02/2018 Coleraine

Internet Safety
24/10/2017 Belfast
06/11/2017 Newry
20/11/2017 Dungannon
24/01/2018 Coleraine
05/02/2018 Belfast

Management Committee Child Protection
02/11/2017 Belfast
28/11/2017 Belfast
05/12/2017 Dungannon
06/12/2017 Ballymena
11/12/2017 Coleraine
19/12/2017 Newry
09/01/2018 Omagh
11/01/2018 Belfast
16/01/2018 Londonderry
13/02/2018 Belfast

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