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PSNI Cyber Prevent Information Pack for Youth Leaders

30th Nov 2018

The PSNI has produced a Cyber Prevent Information Pack and is keen to share this with young people in NI. Could you take a look? Perhaps this is something you could incorporate into a programme topic for an evening or series of evenings.

Did you know... the average age of someone arrested for a cybercrime in the UK is just 17 years old?

Did you know...a conviction for a cyber offence may well impact upon an individual's ability to apply for many education or employment opportunities and to obtain credit - even a student loan?

Did you know...being arrested - not even convicted - for an offence will have an impact upon an individual's ability to visit certain countries? An arrest will mean that visa free entry into the USA will no longer be available. Australia and New Zealand may also refuse a visa.

The UK Government's National Security Strategy has recognised the cyber threat as one of four 'Tier One' risks to the UK's security. That's on a par with international terrorism. The cost of cybercrime to the UK is estimated to be £27bn per annum. It is not a victimless crime, it is individuals and small to medium businesses which are the backbone of Northern Ireland's industry that are attacked daily by those engaged in cyber criminality; the impact is often personally and financially catastrophic.

The PSNI would like to:
Increase knowledge of the Computer Misuse Act 1990
Increase knowledge of consequences due to involvement in cybercrime, including the growth of law enforcement capabilities.
Promote positive opportunities to develop and use cyber skills legally.

You can download the Cyber Prevent Information Pack here

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